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1. Statistics of microbial chassis strains and their biosynthesis chemical products in MCF2Chem.

(A) Category distribution of biosynthetic compounds of different strain categories in MCF2Chem, (B) Classification of chemical products produced by the top 20 microbial species with the most products. The *nc_pathway* classification predicted by NPClassifier was used to classify the chemical compound products.

2. Timeline depicting of the number of microbial cell factories, chemical products, and highest titer for every strain category. 

Timelines depicting the: (A) number development of microbial cell factories, (B) number development of microbial cell factory products, and (C) development of the highest titer of microbial cell factory products.

3. Statistics of the chemical compounds synthesized by the microbial strains in MCF2Chem.

Compound classification results from (A) nc_pathway, and (B) cf_superclass. (C) Top 20 chemical compound products with the highest count.

4. Timeline depicting the number of chemical products and correlated maximum titer for every nc_pathway classification category.

Timelines of the microbial biosynthesis development trend of (A) product number and (B) highest titer